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My name is Dan Thomas, I’m the Image Doctor and a personal stylist in Sydney.

So WHY trust me with the critical task of helping you:

  • Land second and third dates INSTEAD OF going on endless first dates
  • Turn heads and have women check you out INSTEAD OF feeling invisible
  • Land your dream job INSTEAD OF wishing for Friday’s and fearing Monday’s
  • Get the promotion INSTEAD OF having a stagnant career that leaves you bitter and pissed off
  • Be successful and earn more money INSTEAD OF your income never changing
  • Earn the respect of your staff INSTEAD OF fighting to elevate yourself above them
  • Close sales and hit targets INSTEAD OF attending performance review meetings




I’m just your typical Aussie bloke, I grew up playing and supporting Rugby League, I’m happiest when surfing, my dog Marshall is my best mate in the world and my family means everything to me.


Did you notice there was no mention of attending fashion shows, subscribing to GQ Magazine or planning fashion trips to Milan or New York?


This is because you literally couldn’t pay me to attend a fashion show. I’d only buy GQ to show my clients what overpriced brands to avoid and the only reason I’d plan a trip to Milan or New York is because the ratio of women to men is about 5:1.




I think a lot of “personal stylists” see themselves as abstract artists. Clients are their canvas, clothing is the paint and the result is artwork that grabs a lot of attention, really stands out and forces viewers to often ask too many questions.


Unlike most “abstract” personal stylists, I approach my work as part portrait artist, part detective and part scientist.


As a PORTRAIT ARTIST my objective is to create a masterpiece without losing the subjects core identity.


As a DETECTIVE I ask a lot of questions to uncover my clients:

  • True personality
  • Motivators for upgrading their image
  • Career and social life
  • Style boundaries and limits


And as a part SCIENTIST I use that data, plus my straight  male logic to:

  • Increase professional and social success rather than making clients look “trendy”.
  • Update my clients image in a way that won’t make getting dressed a confusing or overwhelming task.
  • Introduce clients to clothing brands that are great quality without breaking the bank.
  • Choose classic, timeless items that build a wardrobe for life, not just clothes for the next 3 months.







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Whilst I do have a superior knowledge and understanding of men’s style, I’m still just a typical bloke who understands men don’t want to look like guys in fashion magazines or be the eccentric guy in the office who wears bow ties, suspenders and loafers because “that’s how men dress in Europe”.


We’re in Australia, not Europe and DOUBT is the enemy of everyday Aussie blokes who want to look good but never want to ask style questions like:


  • Will my mates take the piss?
  • Do I look sharp or look like a try hard?
  • Should I be wearing this many patterns in one outfit?
  • Would I look better without the scarf, bright coloured belt and fourth, fifth or sixth layer of clothing.


Guys don’t want to be abstract and open to interpretation, we just want to:


  • Walk into a networking event and command the room.
  • Walk into a job interview and immediately be seen as professional.
  • Walk into a boardroom and command instant authority and respect.
  • Walk through a bar and turn heads.
  • Walk into the pub and see the jealous look on our daggy mates faces.
  • Walk up to our date and know that she finds us sexy.
  • Get dressed for date night with the missus and still give her butterflies.


The result of working with me is an EFFORTLESS STYLE in which we purchase clothes with care, consideration and then put them together with a system so you never have to give a second thought to how you look and the impressions you’re making.

I take immense pride and joy in achieving this level of effortless style and confidence for each of my clients. But its been some journey to get to this point in my life.


10 years ago I became a nurse because I wanted to help people. But I had a burning desire to chase an entrepreneurial path and started my first business at the age of 22.


I then built and sold various businesses before settling into what is truly my calling in life and at 30 I’m now living my dream of performing work that combines my 3 biggest passions of:


  1. Helping people and creating positive change.
  2. Running my own business and living out my entrepreneurial dream.
  3. Using image transformation to increase the confidence levels of Australian men.


And for those 3 reasons I never fear the sound of my alarm clock, I never say “Thank god it’s Friday” and I never suffer from Mondayitis.