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For the same reason you pay a mechanic to fix your car or an accountant to keep you in the tax man’s good books. These professionals deliver an outcome that is of benefit to you and achieved through their expertise and knowledge.

If your goal is to be well dressed, less confused when getting ready and have more confidence, an image consultant is who you need.



Can you fix your car engine when you break down? Do you fix leaking taps and power switches that don’t work instead of calling a plumber or electrician? Can you build a cubby house, deck or pergola? Is putting IKEA furniture together a breeze for you?

These are all stereotypical things that men are meant to be able to do, but how many of those things can you actually do well, or at all?

Many men assume or stereotype women as having great fashion sense just because they are female, like clothes and enjoy shopping.

I love music but I suck at singing, I love movies but I can’t act, and I love to surf but I’m not amazing at it, so don’t just assume your wife, girlfriend or a female stylist is a good person to help you buy men’s clothes.

The principles of men’s style and image can be very complex!! There is much to consider and many factors to weigh up so you want to get advice not only from somebody who is qualified, but also a man who has walked the same path and faced the same challenges and frustrations that you have, that’s why hiring a personal stylist for men will bring much better results.



The work I do is not transactional, it’s TRANSFORMATIONAL. I’m not cleaning your house or doing your books. Our work together is part experience, part education and part life changing whilst being great fun. I’m changing how you look and feel about yourself and that’s far too important to be restricted by time.

Every person’s body shape, taste, budget and goals are different and no two clients are the same. I don’t want to have to stop at a certain time during our shopping session if we haven’t reached the outcome we’ve set out to achieve.

Another key factor that is often overlooked regarding my service is all of the work I do before we meet in person. As a guy myself, I understand the biggest frustration with clothes shopping is:

  • Walking aimlessly from store to store with no direction.
  • Having to get changed and unchanged over and over again without actually buying anything.
  • Not finding what you want, becoming frustrated, overwhelmed and leaving without the items you came to buy.
  • Returning home tired, pissed off but with the same daggy style that won’t help you get ahead in your professional or social life.

For this reason, I have gone above and beyond to formulate a very technical and in depth online style questionnaire which you fill out and complete before we meet in person. The purpose of the questionnaire is to provide me with the knowledge I require about your situation, image goals and budget to then perform an extensive PRE-SHOP prior to our session.

This means that when we meet in person, I already have set stores, clothing items and complete outfits in mind to buy, and it’s just a matter of trying them on and satisfying yourself that you like how they look and fit.

Before we meet in person I’ve already done as much as 3 hours of work in analysing the questionnaire and performing the pre-shop so our session can be smooth and headache free.

Visit the  about page to take the style questionnaire. 



If you’re wanting to update your image but don’t live in Sydney then check out my virtual image consultant services. This will be a great low cost option for you.

However, if you are wanting to work with me face to face at a shopping center, you could fly to Sydney to meet with me, or I can include the cost of return flights to your state and area to come and work with you in person.

If that’s of interest to you then contact me by phone on 0422 080 160 or by e-mail at dan@imagedoc.com.au to discuss further.



I’m happy for partners to join in on the experience as the work I do with men is not only positive for them, but also for those who care about the man’s confidence and happiness.

I just ask the lady to be aware my knowledge, expertise and understanding of men and men’s clothing needs to be at the forefront of our work together.

I’m very confident in my expertise and ability to help men update or overhaul their current image and style, and I believe that in some cases, it’s more beneficial for men to receive my advice and knowledge free of any bias or emotion that may be present with the accompaniment of a significant other.

However, I am more than happy for a significant other to come along if it will benefit the overall experience and image goals we have set out to achieve.



If we are working together in Sydney then it will always be my strong advice to work together at Pitt St Mall in Sydney’s CBD as there is every store needed to achieve the optimal result .



I don’t have typical clients, I will work with any bloke who wants to look and feel better about themselves. This may include:

  • Any male wanting to look more attractive for dates and social outings
  • Males in the corporate sector where clothing is your visual resume
  • Busy professionals that are time poor and require my help
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals who only get one shot to make a strong first impression.
  • Men in professions like trades, industrial, government, armed forces and emergency response who wear a uniform and may be unsure of how to dress well outside of work and on the weekends.
  • Men who have recently lost a lot of weight and need to buy clothes to fit their new body shape.
  • Younger adults needing help for a formal, interviews for apprenticeships, scholarships or jobs
  • More mature men of any age who are unsure of current fashions and what clothes will create the best image perception for them.
  • Wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters who buy their significant others clothes but don’t feel confident or comfortable doing so.


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