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Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and stay tuned to learn a powerful MENS STYLE TIP.


When I walk through a busy shopping centre, a crowded train station or a packed CBD I can’t help but shake my head and feel frustrated and even a bit upset. What causes me to feel these feelings is all the men I see who are overplaying their style hand and combing a variety of heavy patterns within the one outfit because they think this displays a level of men’s style skill that most guys don’t exhibit.


Now let me make it clear that I’m not shaking my head or feeling frustrated in an arrogant “I know more than you” kind of way. It’s the exact opposite in that I’ve worked with hundreds of men in helping them update or overhaul their image and confidence as a result.


Through working with my Image Doctor clients, I know first hand and likely better than anyone in Australia 2 key things:

  1. Despite an often macho, “I’m too tough to care” exterior, men care a great deal about how they present and appear to the world. As a result their confidence is greatly impacted in either a negative or positive way as a result of their ability to effectively manage their image through clothing and personal grooming.
  2. Getting dressed for dates, special occasions and even just work is a guessing game for most men and as a result they often leave the house feeling less than confident that what they’re wearing will benefit their pursuit of professional and social success.


Due to this confusion many men make the mistake of trying too hard when coordinating their outfits which is often in the form of busy outfits with multiple patterns that when combined are confusing to take in and “just don’t look right”.


The reason I get frustrated and upset when I see these men is because I know first hand that the bloke wearing the busy outfit is doing his best to make an effort and display a level of self pride and style awareness that will boost his level of professional and social success. As a result I feel like a personal trainer who really cares about his clients and wants them to reach their fitness goals and see’s the guy in the gym doing bicep curls 5 days a week but his arms aren’t getting any bigger because he’s over training and punishing his biceps to a point they can’t recover and grow as he desperately wants.


That personal trainer is frustrated and upset because he knows fitness and physique results are not as simple and complicated as magazines, websites and blogs have people believe. And in the same way I know that creating sharp, Harvey Spectre like men’s style is obtained based on 3 fundamental pillars which are:

  1. FIT, FIT and FIT: A man can be wearing the most expensive, exclusive and extravagant outfit known to mankind but if he does so in ill fitting clothing then he may as well be wearing an assortment of potato sacks cut to resemble clothing items.
  2. COLOUR COMBINATIONS: There are clothing colours that look amazing when combined and clothing colours that will immediately crush a man’s first impressions when combined. Knowing how to choose clothing colours that combine well to create sharp outfits is crucial for effective image management.
  3. PATTERNS: The most stylish men are guided by the K.I.S.S principle which is to Keep ItSimple Stupid. I appreciate this seems counter intuitive but style should be kept simple. When you nail the fit, colour combinations and today’s men’s style tip relating to the use of patterns, the result is the holy grail of men’s style which is looking EFFORTLESSLY STYLISH.


And this third pillar of men’s style is the basis of today’s video post which I’ve gone into far more detail below for you.


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Let’s now take a look at today’s specific men’s style tip which is to only ever include one heavy pattern per outfit which is combined with one or multiple items of solid/pattern free pieces of clothing.




The first thing I explain to my Image Doctor clients and especially the attendees of my Outcome Image Consulting corporate workshops is that their number one image goal should be for people to look at them and immediately be satisfied with no doubts that you have a very solid handle on your image management.
This critical image goal is made more and more difficult with each introduction of a new pattern within the same outfit. Pattern mixing and matching is very much a grey area that a date, potential client, business partners, investors and hiring managers can all decipher, analyse and judge differently.
If we hypothetically took 5 of the individuals above:
⦁ 1 of these may think your combining patterns look OK
⦁ 2 of these individuals may feel unsure if the patterns match or not and
⦁ 2 individuals may think the combined patterns look just terrible
Take a look now at some images of men’s casual to corporate outfits that include a variety of different patterns in the one outfit:



 photo www.dailymail.co.uk


photo thefashionreporter.com


photo www.dailymail.co.uk


photo zg8.dromhcg.top


 photo www.pinterest.com

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Ed Westwick @Jade Peralta the man of my dreams! haha: photo http://www.polyvore.com


Automne/Fall 2013 catalogue | Simons | Le31 | Justice Joslin Mxm men: photo http://www.goodreads.com


bichromatic tie matching pants (tie stripe) and shirt (tie field):

photo http://www.express.com/


floral blazer, white shirt, pink tartan tie, pink lapel flower, tan leather belt, brown skinny chinos:



photo articlesofstyle.com




photo articlesofstyle.com




Paul Stuart 2015 (1107×1476): photo https://www.paulstuart.com



photo articlesofstyle.com






  • As mentioned earlier the possibility of potential dates, clients, audience attendees, business partners and colleagues doubting if you’ve incorrectly coordinated your outfits is going to be very high and DOUBT is the arch nemesis of any man attempting to create strong first and ongoing impressions and the image reputation of being a sharp authority figure.
  •  Coordinating various patterns within one outfit is challenging and can lead to frustration, overwhelm and doubt for the wearer.
  • Very bold, heavy patterns lack versatility which leads to the need for more clothing items which is expensive and creates a wardrobe that is not very interchangeable.


Now take a look at a range of outfits from casual to corporate that only include one item of clothing that is a heavy pattern whilst all remaining items are solid/pattern free items.





My favorite CG: Casual Cool Guy: photo https://industrie.com.au/


David Beckham:

photo theidleman.com


Justin Timberlake. The older he gets the sexier he gets!!!: photo http://www.gettyimages.com.au/


A trendy prep look by slam dunking sensation Blake Griffin.: photo http://www.hotelfashionland.com


photo morethan-stats.com


Ryan Reynolds in spring Autograph: photo http://www.marksandspencer.com


photo afrogle.com


The latest men's fashions, including best basics, classics, stylish evening wear and casual street style looks. Shop men's clothing for every occasion.:

photo www.nxstyle.me


sometimes he doesn't look so great, but he's definitely working it in this picture


Combining neutral patterns shades and textures in browns and greys.:


Board of the best Men's #Fashion and #Style. Take a look of these look ideas i separated for you. http://www.royalfashionist.com:

photo http://www.royalfashionist.com/


photo www.realmenrealstyle.com


Khaki and Navy Gingham: photo http://www.mensfashionmagazine.com


Jay Ellis looking Sharp as Usual!!!:





Blue, and blue, and red.: photo http://www.roseborn.com


David-Beckham-Olympics: photo http://www.upscalehype.com


MARK WRIGHT: photo http://www.fansshare.com


David Gandy for M&S 2014:




photo http://the-suit-men.tumblr.com





  • Wearing an outfit that consists of just one heavy pattern alongside a range of solid/pattern free items of clothing will result in that pattern shining like a rose among thorns or looking like Brad Pitt standing in between Seth Rogen and Marilyn Manson.
  • There is far less confusion and room for error when there is only one patterned item that needs to be coordinated into an outfit. This means your chances of you looking sharp and feeling more confident is far greater.
  • Just about all of my Image Doctor clients explain to me that the main reason for hiring me other than a fierce dislike of clothes shopping is that they get frustrated and overwhelmed when getting dressed and this leads to a negative mindset and start to their working day. By simplifying your outfits to only include one leading pattern this will result in the task of choosing and coordinating outfits to be far easier and less stressful resulting in a more positive mindset.
  • I explained earlier that when you wear an outfit with conflicting patterns and your meeting with a date, potential client, business partner, audience attendees, investors or hiring managers that there is a very good chance that many more of these people will thin k your outfit is poorly coordinated rather than well coordinated. When you wear an outfit with only one heavy pattern, unless you really mess up the colour combinations your chances of creating a strong first impression that benefits your professional and social success will be far greater.
  • And finally from a monetary perspective, having a wardrobe with predominantly pattern free staples and then some strategic patterned items will result in a wardrobe that is far more versatile with the ability to create a far wider range of interchangeable outfits that requires you to be buying less clothing and hence will save you money.


So give todays mens style tip some thought and consider how my advice could benefit your wardrobe, confidence, the first impressions you create and the mindset that you take into your work days and social activities as a result.


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